Banking online is not new.  You can do lots like transfer money, deposit check, and pay bills.  However, most times you can only access a satellite bank online.  Here are some things to consider about using satellite banks:

- Possibly have lower fees

- Can access your accounts 24/7

- May have free ATM usage

- No in-person assistance

- May be difficult to withdraw money* (Now, this may not be such a bad thing if you're looking to keep money from you and force you to save money.  Some people spend it as soon as they get it, but that's not you, right?)

- May be inconvenient to deposit money 

Having a local bank may be helpful too!  Consider these:

- Easy deposits and withdrawals at local banks

- In-person assistance with accounts and loan requests

- Banking hours may be inconvenient

- May not have free ATM usage

Either way, the goal is to use a banking system that makes you feel comfortable and proud to be adulting.