Wouldn't it be cool to go on a vacation without having to run up that credit card, only to be afraid to receive the statement in the mail?  Here's an idea: save for your vacay including your spending money.  That will not only allow you to have a great time, but have that great time without worrying about your new and over-budget debt. Have your friends do this: #SquadGoals


That Flat Tire

Bank in last century, four new tires for my Toyota Corolla cost $99!  Today, that's a portion of a new tire.  Do you have $500 in savings to take care of your next unexpected thing, flat tire, plane ticket back home or anything else without going into more debt? Prepare worst case scenario and have always have some money saved. 


Finally Home!

Unless you qualify for other programs, you will need to have a down payment to purchase a home.  Oh, and for closing costs.  Oooh, and for new furniture.  Make sure you don't have to go into more debt to actually move into your home.  Be proactive and do this your way!