It’s Your Turn: Walk In Your Financial Purpose 



This sounds silly, doesn’t it?  Who doesn’t know that Christmas is on December 25th every year?  SPOILER ALERT! Christmas is NOT a surprise!  So why do we let it take us by surprise financially?  If we wanted to spend $500 on Christmas gifts would it be easier to spend it all in one paycheck or save small amounts throughout the year?  Wouldn't it sound feasible to save $42 a month from January to December and spend the $500 you saved versus taking $500 from that last paycheck before Christmas or getting into debt to buy gifts?  Did you ever consider the kings’ gifts to Jesus when the true King was born?  They were already willing to give what they had and did not borrow from anyone to give their gifts. Let’s start the New Year correctly by planning for the surprise of Christmas and save throughout the year.   


It’s Your Turn! 


How much would you like to spend on Christmas gifts?  

Have you drafted a budget?   

How much will you save per month to spend on Christmas gifts? 

What type of stress will the practice of saving alleviate at Christmas time? 

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